Here’s a series of three videos on EdTech from All shot on location at Socratic Labs, the EdTech incubator and campus in New York City.

The first one, Why everyone wants a piece of Ed Tech gives an overview of what EdTech is and why it’s one of the hot topics in the start-up world at the moment and tips on how to get investment.

Next up, A peek inside the Ed-Tech startup world focusses on three startup founders based at Socratic Labs, and shows them sharing some tips and thoughts on the EdTech world.

And finally, there’s Tips for launching an Ed-Tech startup, whose title is fairly self-explanatory.

The theme running through this is that EdTech is now attracting over $1bn a year in investment. Is it all a bubble? Well, maybe, but naturally these guys argue that we’ve only just got going. This is all very US K-12 focussed, but really there’s not a lot here that wouldn’t apply to ELT.

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