It’s that time of year, folks. The bright lights of IATEFL beckon, full of promise. We’re super excited this year as we’ve got a few talks in the programme that we’re looking forward to sharing. Here’s a quick breakdown of what we’ve got lined up:

Teacher Development and Learning Tech Special Interest Groups Pre-conference Event

On Monday 3rd April, Nick and Jo will be giving a plenary at the joint TD and LT SIGs PCE. By combining the experiences and expertise of the two SIGs, the one-day mini conference is designed to support teachers looking for ways of including technology in their professional development.

Jo and Nick will talk about their experiences working on the Cambridge English Digital Framework for Teachers (, a professional development platform which helps teachers of English around the world to identify the digital knowledge, skills and tools they need for teaching and learning, and to develop their digital skills through online training.

The framework was developed using a ‘start-up-like’ methodology more commonly seen in software development than teacher development. Jo and Nick will describe how the framework came into being, and will also be sharing insights they’ve gleaned along the way into how teachers like to use technology in their CPD and the challenges they face.

Materials Writing SIG forum

On Tuesday 4th April, Laurie and Nick will be participating in the MaWSIG forum on digital materials. Their presentation, titled Using Learner Experience Design (LXD) to improve language learning products, will examine how the principles of user experience (UX) can be applied to the process of learning. UX describes the total experience of interacting with a product – its usability and how it makes the user feel. Good UX is now considered essential for any digital product. Laurie and Nick will take a look at how the concept of Learner Experience (LX) applies the same thinking to the process of learning and, if there’s a recipe for good LX, what the ingredients are.

The MawSIG forum takes place in Alsh 1 from 12.00-13.05

A How-To guide for developing ELT products with impact

On Wednesday 5th April, Tim and Jo will be delivering a 30-minute presentation titled A How-To guide for developing ELT products with impact in which they will share a set of practical steps to help ELT professionals from all areas of the industry put their own learning product ideas into practice. They will draw on the latest thinking from the world of product development for guidance on how to clearly frame problems, identify potential solutions and then begin the process of validating them with real users.

They will explore the importance of prototyping, and how it doesn’t require any coding or web development skills to put something together that demonstrates your product vision.

Wednesday 5 April in Alsh 2 from 10.55-11.25


We will also be launching our very own ELTjam Academy on the 4th April, and handing out promo codes for IATEFL delegates. Make sure you get your hands on one!


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