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It’s been a busy week on the blogs and Twitters. Here are a few things we’ve been enjoying at eltjam.

The third annual FutureBook Innovation Workshop took place yesterday, and you can follow what happend via the hashtag above. By all accounts, Alyson Fielding of Pyuda‘s demonstration of a gesture-controlled book was a highlight. As @jreadsalot put it: “A print bound book is communicating with an iPhone and talking to @alysonf right now – I kid you not #mindblown”

Coursera jumps the shark
Is Coursera in a bit of trouble? The Higher Education Strategy Associates thinks so. We’ll be jumping into the MOOC debate very soon.

If You Bought An ‘iWatch’ From Apple, You’d Check it ~95 Times Per Day (And That’s Why Apple Is Going To Make A Boatload)
Not much we can add to Business Insider’s blog post title there. Would you by an iWatch? I’d like to say no, but I buy pretty much everything else they make …

How Hardware is Hurting the E-Textbook Industry
Does the e-textbook industry have a hardware problem? Edcetera thinks so.

How to Become a Published ELT Author: Part 1 (of 3)
Getting into ELT materials writing seems to be the hot topic du jour (including on eltjam). Aodan Halligan certainly did his research for this series of posts, which includes interviews with a range of industry figures (disclaimer: myself included).

Happy reading!

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