Is it really almost a week since IATEFL finished? And what a week it’s been. If you missed the conference – or if you’ve been living in a cave all week – here’s our round-up of some of the best IATEFL response pieces.

Did I get as much as I could from the #IATEFL Conference? –

Adam Simpson gives some advice on what to take away from from the conference.

Post-IATEFL reflections: the challenges we take away? –

Lizzy Pinard on engaging with and challenging each other post-IATEFL.

Angel or Devil? The strange case of Sugata Mitra –

Jeremy Harmer on the problem with Sugata Mitra’s ‘over-superficial’ learning methodology.

IATEFL Harrogate Online: Sugata Mitra (part 2) –

Graham Stanley’s summary and view on Sugata Mitra’s plenary.

A glut of ELT Celebrity Encounters –

An account of Nicola Prentis’ meetings and sightings at IATEFL. Also check out her hilarious post on ELT conference archetypes here. 

How Sugata Mitra Annoyed English Teachers (& why I care) –

Wiktor Kostrzewski reflects on what he thinks the annoyed teachers at IATEFL should do next.

IATEFL 2014 Roundup + Predictions –

Jo Sayers’ predictions on what lies ahead for ELT in 2014.

‘Oh God!’ –

Russell Mayne reflects on his first IATEFL talk.

Balony Detection and the Grandmas of SOLE –

The Secret DOS on Sugata Mitra, Russell Mayne’s baloney detection tool and Geordies.

Happy reading!

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