2013: The Year of Adaptive Learning

If 2012 was the MOOCs’ year for capturing venture capital and unrelenting media coverage, 2013 looks to be a big year for the adaptive learning space.

This is a great post by Impatient Optimists and includes links to two extremely useful and interesting white papers on the methodology.


Indie Game – The Movie

The Movie is about the creative process and putting yourself out there through your work. It’s a journey many filmmakers, creators, artists, entrepreneurs – many people, can relate to in the digital era.

Admittedly, not technically something we’ve been reading, but this is a fantastic film about the culture, pressures and rewards of indie game development and how following your creative instincts no matter what is the ultimate objective.


Do ELT Publishers have too much influence or do they lag behind the times?

This is the transcript of an #ELTChat discussion and raises some interesting questions and views.


Learning a language through the medium of cats
We’ve been playing with the wonderful Cat Academy app from Memrise. Currently only for Spanish, but we’re told a new version with more languages is coming soon. Keep an eye out for it.


Death of the textbook
Here’s an example of mainstream debate and opinion in US education – the end is nigh for print, everyone seems to think.


Neoliberalism and MOOCS: amplifying nonsense
George Siemens, distance learning pioneer and inventor of connectivism, takes a sceptical view on the theory that MOOCs are a neoliberal plot to destroy all that is good in higher education.

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