As we’re winding down for summer, along with everyone in ELT (it seems) except those doing summer school, we’re finding more material for What We’re Reading than ever!

Bespoke course books?

This article is about the trade in authoring private memoirs for families for books that will never be published. But it made us wonder whether there would be work for ELT authors to come up with personalised course books for the select few. There’s some precedent in writing materials for specific institutions of course. Could the very rich need bespoke course materials just for them and their family?

App data

Research is starting to show patterns in how people use mobile apps which leads to conclusions about how apps are discovered. Customers finding you by searching doesn’t seem to be the method to rely on.

Product management success

Key things to think about to manage products successfully including getting together regularly in small teams and employing a whole raft of strategies for larger teams once products are up and running.

Gestures and things

What kinds of gestures will we use to interact with our devices in future? Interesting problems come up once cross cultural gesture rules are taken into account.

How is writing like dating?

She didn’t ask ELT editors about their dating lives (unfortunately?), Nicola Prentis asked them what they don’t want to see in a commissioned writing sample task for the latest MaWSIG post.

Coding for kids — the argument against

This article refutes the claims that coding leads to picking up other skills and that it creates job opportunities. However, it doesn’t say anything about children who can code being able to make their own apps/sites, surely a useful skill for them.

Busuu gets $6.7 million from McGraw-Hill

The deal will give McGraw-Hill exclusive global rights to distribute busuu to its B2B customers, including schools, private language institutions and corporations. Busuu will benefit from McGraw-Hill Education’s adaptive learning technology.

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