Plenty to read, but we’ve hit the biggest disadvantage to most of our reading being done online – nothing to fan yourself with when it’s too hot! Here’s what we’ve not been keeping cool with this week.

Sure you want to work for a startup?

Horror stories from working in startups. These are long, but too addictive to stop reading.

Pedagogy in game-based learning

How the three main components of interactive programmes – Story, Game and Play – need to be applied with the tools of instructional design to make full use of their potential for learning.

How data fits into education

One of the outcomes of amassing all the data on students’ learning and test results is that it provides huge banks of data for researchers to compare things like the effectiveness of small classes and teachers’ qualifications. (Answer: Neither of those correlate with effective schools.) Could it do the same for TEFL, where study samples have often been small?

Thoughts on materials writing

After analysing a few course books, Genevieve White thinks about what’s missing from a materials writing point of view.

Travel and TEFL

Plenty of EFL teachers and authors forge their careers abroad, just like these literary greats. Maybe someone should write a TEFLer’s travel guide.

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