Racing towards summer now, ELTjam’s hot reads of the week are also pretty cool.

Misconceptions about Agile

Our blog post last week only scratched the surface. If you want to know more about agile vs. scrum this post includes ways to spot when your company is just talking the talk.

E-books now have beautiful fonts

That annoying thing where the sentence has huge spaces in it because the line is too short for the page and other below par features of the e-reading experience are over as Amazon and Google have unveiled new fonts. More than just a gimmick for typography nerds, ‘the upgrades aren’t just aesthetic. Typography can affect how fast you read. Some fonts propel the eye forward; others cause fatigue.’

Common traits of entrepreneurs

Desire to control their own destinies, confidence and the strong belief they can do X better define many entrepreneurs. This article shows how to see if you’ve got the requisite qualities.

What Zero UI means for designers

Quite fascinated by this still. Imagine not having to bother touching anything ever again!

And finally …

We’re all jealous of George and her pleasantly unsweaty choices of footwear in the heatwave. Surely some of these flip-flop alternatives would be OK at ELTjam HQ?



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