As we move into summer and beach reads, we’re still finding time to read articles on our phones for now. Here’s what caught our attention this week.

The rise and rise of Duolingo

Duolingo seems to have dropped the translation aspect of its product to concentrate on its testing facility and is now valued at $470 million. The company claims 100 million users and 100,000 teachers registered on its free platform for schools.

How to have productive meetings, Steve Jobs style

Steve Jobs made his meetings productive by throwing out anyone who didn’t need to be there, making someone responsible for the implementation of each decision and banning Powerpoint. Plenty of fat trimmed.

Paper in a digital world

Even high-tech start-uppers are using Moleskine notebooks to take notes. Did you know Evernote makes post-its and other non-paperless products? At ELTjam, Laurie still makes his notes on paper proving that we also live in this ‘multi-faceted world of communication’.

Agile and editing

The second in emc design’s series about Agile takes in the perspective from editorial with Lyn Strutt’s thoughts on the impact tightened schedules can have on projects and how to minimise their effect on quality and accuracy.

Becoming a coder for free

Learn to code for free and gain real word experience coding for non-profit organisations. Coding bootcamps aren’t enough to get a job as companies are looking for coders with real world experience and Free Code Camp aims to bridge that gap but it’s a 1600 hour course so no easy option.

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