This week, we weren’t just reading, we were watching, rubbing our eyes and re-watching. Make it to the end of this week’s packed WWR to see why.

Agile design

Design company and publishing experts emc design give some insights into how they manage their relationships with big publishers working in an agile way.

Free messaging without internet or a data plan

New app Jott, which sends free messages via the internet when there is no wifi, is a hit with teenagers without data packages. It uses a closed network within 100 foot area and will have huge implications for developing countries. As will the project of …

…Teen coders in Nigeria

Two brothers, aged 13 and 14, have built an alternative web browser that would load faster on low-end phones. Crocodile Browser Lite could be the solution to internet access in poorer countries where high-end smartphones are too expensive for most people.

Google goes Minority Report

We’ve been waiting for the end of the tedium and germ-spreading that’s been touching things since Tom Cruise opened files in Minority Report. Google have the radar based tech in development. Soli is a chip that can be inserted into everyday objects and can be operated by moving your fingers in the air as if you’re pretending to turn a dial, slide a switch etc.

Twitter influencers

Who are the top 15 influencers on Twitter in UK EdTech at the moment? According to Influmetrics one of them is Nik Peachey.

What can the media industry teach the publishing industry about digital business models?

Changing the model from a technological problem to be overcome to a business one is key. Meaning it’s less about creating better content and more about working out a better way to make money from it. Sounds obvious when you put it like that…

A storm in an ELT cup

Geoff Jordan started it, or restarted it, at Innovate ELT and the coursebook debate is still raging. One of the latest posts here by Genevieve White references the others if you’re late to the rage.

And finally…

For anyone that thinks voice recognition software is never going to cut it, check out this demo of Hound and keep watching until the bit where your jaw hits the floor.

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