This week’s reading covers the whole spectrum, from project planning, to piracy, to a new site for engaging people through social media.

Anti-piracy action

The Publishers Association has gained some ground against online copyright infringement. This week should have seen BT, Virgin Media, Sky, TalkTalk and EE be required to block customer access to seven pirate websites named in the lawsuit. Whether piracy is a fight that can be won was something our own Nick Robinson wrote about last year.

A plea to EdTech

Larry Cuban, co-founder and CEO at BrainQuakepleads with EdTech to solve real problems and not just flood educators with products that do nothing useful in terms of educational outcomes.

Using Memrise in class

What Larry would make of Memrise would be interesting to know but one EFL teacher knows what he thinks. A thorough rebuttal of the criticisms of Memrise by teacher and user Marek Kiczkowiak.

Top 15 mistakes start-ups should avoid

Have you made any of these mistakes with your business?

The Top 15 mistakes include business plans, hiring and team-building.



Death by Gantt Chart

One mistake start-ups need to avoid, according to The Clever Project Manager, is planning in minute detail and then never deviating from it. The Gantt Chart must die. Apparently.


The easy-to-use new site (where the above post was created) aims to help people share content and drive engagement on social media. Riddle is Blog Editor’s favourite new toy so expect more ‘riddles’ as she learns how to make use of it.


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