We’ve been lucky to get a slew of great guest blog posts in recently but the wider world has given us some reading fodder too.

Giving better presentations

Expert Nancy Duarte blames over-reliance on Powerpoint for lacklustre presentations and advises presenters to ‘be audience-centric. To take the time to think through who the audience is and develop all your material from a place of empathy toward them’ rather than see themselves as the key figure in the story.

Phone bans in schools

There might be some fun lessons you can do using mobiles, and some have suggested they’re a good way of getting students engaged, but research by LSE has shown students in schools with phone bans perform better in their GCSEs.

Digital technology changing university lectures

‘All of sudden, students don’t think lectures are as important as they once were. We already know students sometimes don’t attend their timetabled lectures, but what has changed is the reason.’ It’s no longer daytime TV or hangovers but because they can find out what they need to learn from the internet without even having to get out of bed.

New Scrabble words

Depending on your point of view this is either the end of English or proof of its enduringness but Scrabble has added the verb ‘vape’ and the abbreviations ‘lolz’ and ‘obvs’ as well as a load of others whose meanings we have no idea about. Don’t play Scrabble with anyone under 18 again — they’re going to clean up.

The Hoff and ELT

ELT isn’t the only, or even the worst, industry for all-male events but this site offers an award for any you find guilty. A Hoff stamp!

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