This week there have been a slew of posts following the Innovate ELT conference in Barcelona, which has been great for making those of us who weren’t there very jealous of Nick, Jo and Berta. We were at home reading about EdTech …

Innovate ELT round-up

Kat Robb’s summary, while she was going through withdrawal, came with one of the best photos we’ve seen of some of the other people who helped make it such a fun event to be at. Ceri Jones wrote up her own session in detail. Adam Beale was inspired to ask about the industry vs. profession question on his blog and we have a mention from speakers Fiona Oates and Andrew Dodd on theirs. Robert Campbell describes what it was like to be a speaker on speed-dating and Dan Barber wrote up his lesson demo session. One speaker, Geoff Jordan, has recorded a version of the talk he gave. Here’s to next year …

The biggest MOOC so far

It almost looks as if the British Council were listening to our readers’ comments about ELT MOOCs (here, here and here) as they have put together an online course about IELTS — for free — which has 370 000 sign-ups.

Where we’re at in digital publishing

Fascinating stats from the Publisher’s Association suggesting there’s plenty of growth happening in ELT in this sector as ‘Across the board, exports account for 44% of total revenue with English Language Teaching materials remaining the UK’s strongest export performer by unit volume.’

Abbreviations are taking over English

At least that’s how it looks to parents who don’t know what their kids mean as language evolves. Do you know all of these? FOMO, ICYMI, TBT. What about new words like fleek or bae? Nope? Us neither.


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