We’ve mostly been reading the weather forecast for Barcelona this week and it’s looking good for the Innovate ELT conference. Here are some other things that caught our attention.

Why work doesn’t happen at work

A TED talk about why the office isn’t the best place to work is pretty convincing for anyone tied to their desk. ‘Four hours of uninterrupted time is the best gift you can give anybody at work.’ What would you do with that time?

VR headsets to arrive on the market

Now on our Christmas list, the Oculus VR Rift headset is due on sale in 2016.

The virtual reality helmets will allow wearers to see both computer-generated and filmed images directly in front of their eyes. Users will be able to change their view by moving their heads. The idea is to give them a greater sense of immersion, helping owners feel as if they are actually within a video game or interactive film or documentary, rather than just watching.

Digital single market

The EU has announced plans to make navigating online service shopping easier by removing regulatory walls online in much the same way as it does with offline trading. Could this be the solution to the VATMOSS mess earlier this year? It’s likely to face opposition from member states so we’ll see what makes it into legislation in late 2016.

B is for blogging

Scott Thornbury’s post about Granularity and Knewton has sparked plenty of lively commenting. Bodes well for an interesting panel session at Innovate ELT this weekend between ELTjam and Knewton, with Scott moderating.

 A Watch with a capital W

The first review of the Apple Watch gives it the thumbs up on its health and fitness tracker capabilities but is more mixed on other features and it seems to be an add-on to using your phone rather than a substitute for it.


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