All this waiting for the royal baby has given us plenty of time to be reading this week. Here is a selection.

We’re doing it all wrong!

Everything you thought about working in teams and brainstorming might be wrong. They’re bad. Apparently. ‘Research consistently shows that teams underperform, despite all the extra resources they have.’ And, in a study, ‘In every case, four people working individually generated between 30 to 40 percent more ideas than four people working in a group. Their results were of a higher quality, too.’ A good time to be a solo entrepreneur?

New EFL magazine launch

An online magazine for teachers with articles, videos and podcasts was launched this week. EFL Magazine is free and looking for contributors. The first issue looks great with 12 articles ranging from teaching tips to exam know-how and interviews.

What app developers can learn from authors

Popular wisdom would have it that app developing is where it’s at for earning big bucks. But if an author can earn $450,000 in a year, can a coder learn about how to do the same by following his method of marketing and publicity?

An algorithm to write your emails

Crystal is a site that claims to be able to identify the right phrasing for communicating with your contacts based on their own writing. It can then compose your replies for you. And your blog posts …?

How much is an EdTech business worth?

$575 million if Scholastic’s sale of its EdTech and services business to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Co. Interestingly they’re looking to focus on children’s publishing instead. Is this the way the wind is blowing or are they just getting carried away by the success of their Harry Potter series?

And finally …

Still using Times New Roman? Loathe it? What do you use instead? (Arial for Blog Editor) Just don’t say Comic Sans …

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