We’re not sure how we had time to read anything during IATEFL week, as we were all either presenting or attending the conference. Here’s a collection of what we managed to peruse nonetheless.

Sell your lesson plans online

The Time Educational Supplement now has a marketplace for lesson plans — TES Global. Apparently similar sites in the US have made millionaires out of some teachers!

ELT app makers

Grassroots Language Tech from EFL Notes’ blog has started a series of interviews with ELT app makers. Check out Mike Boyle’s easytweets interview as you scroll through.

Learning a language makes your brain bigger

According to researchers in Sweden language learning affects the brain in very specific ways. Using what they learned from their research they were able to get Japanese speakers to distinguish the difference between problematic ‘l’ and ‘r’ sounds after only one hour’s worth of lessons using specially created software.

IATEFL roundups

IATEFL is always a busy time for bloggers. Lizzie Pinard has written up the sessions she attended in great detail on her blog for anyone who couldn’t make it. Here’s why Geoff Jordan didn’t go to the conference this year.

And finally …

What are you really doing when you’re on a conference call? Don’t read if you don’t want to know how many of your fellow attendees are on the toilet.

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