Another helping of what’s been occupying our screens this week.

Tag Heuer to bring out a smartwatch

If Tag Heuer makes a success of its smartwatch plans, it’ll be further proof that the biggest drawback to smartwatches so far is not what they can do, or whether we need them, but how they look.

For those places spellcheck can’t reach …

Correctica, a tool created by start-up Knowingly will scan your website or blog for errors including idiomatic errors that a spellchecker would miss. For example, cause and affect, prostrate cancer or deep-seeded — mistakes found on sites for such prestigious institutions as Harvard and Oxford Universities. Try it for free here.

Getting kids away from screens and into real world play by using …

…screens. There’s something a bit circular here but, still, some good-looking apps for kids.

New trend in applied linguistics

MaWSIG’s latest post by Derek Philip looks at ways of applying critical applied linguistics (CALx) to materials writing. CALx is a branch of linguistics that seeks to examine what is currently going on in the world at large and link that to the classroom, whether it be the plight of the homeless, major environmental concerns or the fight for democracy.

And finally …

The ELTons nominations are out and we’re really excited to see a product we’ve worked on, Newsmart, in the running for Innovation in learner resources. There’s tough competition in that category from Marcos Benevides and the team behind Atama-ii multiple pathway Graded Readers. Philip Kerr’s Translation and Own-Language Activities is up for Innovation in teacher resources alongside Gavin Dudeney and Nicky Hockly’s Going Mobile: Teaching with hand-held devices. Winners will be announced at the annual bash in June.

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