Yo! (translation: Here’s a post of what we’ve been reading this week.)

The death of the app?

Already?!  Apps might be replaced by notifications if the success of an app called Yo is anything to go by. Yo has one function — sending the word ‘Yo’ — and people use it as a notification that might mean “I’m here. Where are you?” or whatever you’ve agreed it means with the contact you send it to. No need to type out a message and no need for the other party to open an app to read it. Think about it, do you always open an app if you can see the information in the notification on your phone?

Long live books!

More research suggesting books are here to stay, even for digital natives, who prefer to read for fun from actual books.

Speed up slow apps

Ever wondered why you can zoom around some apps faster than others? Pre-rendering is the UX feature responsible and this article explains plenty of ways to stop your user getting fed up of waiting.

Why product managers are worth their weight in gold

If you didn’t know you needed one for your product-related business, here’s what they do for you. If you’re hiring anyone else, the ability to recruit talent is key to the success of your company.

Teacher meet-up

Memrise is organising an event on the 10th March for people to share lesson ideas and strategies. Sign up for free on Eventbrite. Ben Whately, the memory expert behind Memrise, has a new blog which might prove a good read.

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