We’ve all had our heads in the app clouds this week but there’s always room for an article about Dothraki on our reading list.

How to hire a developer

We’ve talked about hiring developers if you’re looking to build an app, but we’ve not really looked into how to decide who to hire. This article gives some great advice.

Speaking of apps …

This team clearly hired the best. Our own Jo Sayers rates Writefull as the best app he’s seen in a long time! It provides feedback on your writing by checking your text against databases of correct language and you can use it in anything from Word to Gmail. (Although our recent struggles raise the question of why anyone would want to use the hideously user-unfriendly Gmail in the first place.) Writefull could be a great tool for English Learners or anyone who needs some help with their writing skills.

Gaining users

And if the developer and the designer did their job well, hopefully the app will get lots of sign-ups, and it’ll stand an even better chance if you follow the advice here.

Google changes its search rankings

If you’re annoyed when your search leads to a page that isn’t ‘mobile-friendly’ Google is about to take away your pain via an app which will downgrade the ranking of sites that would fail to load – for example, because they use Flash player.

The inventor of Dothraki

Fascinating article into what went into the invention of a whole language system, by linguist David J Peterson, based on the handful of words George RR Martin scattered through the Game of Thrones books.

And finally …

If you’re light on reading material, Penguin are offering 80 classics for 80p each.

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