Another week of trains, reading, and a “Who’s the best boss?” competition: buying lunch for the office … always a winner. Here’s what we were reading when we weren’t perusing sushi and pizza menus.

Sony smart glass

With smart glasses on again, off again at Google, Sony is forging ahead with its cheaper version, SmartEyeglass, with orders being taken in the UK and Germany. Japan and America are set to follow. Critics like Apple and tech site Pocket-lint think Sony’s wasting its time.

Mindfulness helps kids learn

When children did a three-minute meditation three times a day focusing on their breathing, and practiced gratitude and doing kind things for others over four months, a US study showed a 15% improvement in their maths test scores. Could there be implications for anyone learning anything, including English learners?

Digital literacy a priority in UK schools and universities

A House of Lords report is recommending digital literacy as a core subject like maths and English. The report also finds that 6 million UK citizens have never used the internet.

Ten ways to make conferences stand out

We think Innovate ELT is going to be pretty different from the standard conference format, but plenty to think about here for anyone organising a conference they want to stand out.

The ELT Blame Game – Redux

The topic of teachers, qualifications and the professionalism of the industry is still igniting debate. Here’s a view that brings in market forces.

How to write rubrics

It’s a lot less simple than it looks, but here’s some great advice on getting them right from Claire Hart on the MaWSIG blog.

Product lessons learned and shared

Our own Jo Sayers has been on MindtheProduct‘s blog talking about the process of bringing our vocab learning app, Flovoco, to launch. Plenty of lessons learned along the way!

And finally …

If IKEA didn’t already meet all your needs, it does now. An emoticons app that you can use for all those house-related things it’s so hard to express.

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