More commute time being used wisely this week for the benefit of What we’re reading!

Real world use of translation apps

At least for now, the £24bn interpreter industry isn’t under threat according to the BBC journalist who set out to conquer a day in Bilbao with various voice translation apps.

Why start-ups fail

If 9 out of 10 start-ups fail, there must be a lot of people to learn lessons from. The number one reason, making a product no-one wants, ties in with what we were saying about app building in this post recently. Are Coursera heading down the failure route with a product people want but with [at least until now] no viable business model, or is teaming up with Google and Instagram going to make them a success?

More advice for start-ups

Sell to small businesses at first, then scale up to larger ones. If a deal goes wrong, the risk to your reputation is smaller.

Last chance to…

…get your proposals in for the Innovate ELT conference, deadline 16th Feb!

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