We’ve all been backwards and forwards between London and Cambridge this week so there’s been plenty of time for reading on the train. Here’s some of what’s been filling our commute.

Google stops making Google Glass …

When Twitter stopped working on its app for Google Glass many took it as a sign and now reports are confirmed that Google themselves have stopped taking orders for their product. They’re still apparently committed to its future but you’re not going to have to wear the unsightly things anytime soon.

…while Microsoft develops its own face-tech

Developed in a secret lab in Microsoft HQ, Project HoloLens is a headset that projects holograms onto the world around you.

Habits that lead to success

Now the reality of sticking to New Year’s Resolutions is hitting, here are some ways to stay on the right track.

A desk that tells you when to stand

The sedentary life is pretty much inescapable for writers and editors. This smartdesk will scare you with stats about how long you’ve been sitting and prompt you to move around. None of that is as scary as the price though.

MaWSIG blog

In a first for the IATEFL SIGs. the Materials Writing SIG has started a blog in place of a newsletter. There will be one post per month and paid-up SIG members can get them all in an eBook at the end of the year.

And finally…

If you’re around in language teaching a hundred years from now, you might find it tough to get a job if Professor John McWhorter’s prediction comes true. Out of today’s 6,000 languages he expects only 600 to be left.

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