This week the entire world has been reading about ELT with its sudden push into the spotlight. We, however, have been mostly reading this stuff:

The experts weigh up 2015 EdTech predictions

If you’ve got a week to set aside, this long article is worth a read. Experts in education and tech review the predicted trends of digital badges, Open Education Resources, tablets, LMS, AR, apps and Learner Analytics.

Duolingo again!

Duolingo is everywhere, here on ELTjam with Geoff Jordan’s fascinating SLA informed review, and also with its launch of a free platform for schools. It will give teachers access to reports about their students’ activity and progress and effectively turn teachers into product promoters.

Google updates its translation app

It’s offering less than Skype claims to but Google will now apparently automatically turn speech to text in 90 languages without needing to be told which language it is hearing. Both programmes are starting to spark concerns about privacy, though.

Mandatory holidays

After we introduced our unlimited vacation days policy, we read this about employees not being sure how many to take so actually ending up taking less holiday than before. Too soon to tell for us but worth thinking about.

A conference date for your diary

Philip Kerr is chairing, ELTjam is opening and Debra Marsh, Ania Kolbuszewska and Pete Sharma are confirmed speakers so far for ETPro’s 7th March conference on Adaptive Learning in Practice in London.

And finally …

Double geekery — tech and physics. Angry Birds and other apps aren’t just for wasting time, they’re for studying the laws of the universe.  Schoolkids everywhere have another excuse to give their teachers for using phones in class.

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