Amid planning what Christmas jumper to wear to the office party (really – there’s improv panto too), here’s what we’ve been reading this week.

Digital skills

Great advice, as always, from John Hughes about writing ELT materials for digital, which goes beyond just the skills needed to do the job and covers self-promotion and negotiating contracts.

The reputation economy

Soon your business might rely on “reputation score” online more than its credit score. Forbes magazine gives ten ways to keep your reputation up.

Old school meets new

EdTech company Knowledge Transmission has signed partnerships with Collins and OUP in order to offer materials through its learning platform, Learn Social.

Disney goes EdTech

Their Imagicademy is starting with maths apps and hopes to follow with art, science and reading, among others. More ways to hear the Frozen song on repeat from the kids in your family.

And finally…

Don’t forget to sign up to MaWSIG’s first online festival, taking place this Sunday afternoon GMT. See you there!

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