Most of ELTjam’s energies this week have gone into finding the best  mince pies (so far, Waitrose Duchy Originals) but we were reading at the same time. Here’s what almost distracted us from the mission.

What does 2015 hold for education?

With the end of 2014 in sight, trend predictions for 2015 are cropping up everywhere. Here’s an infographic of what to expect but, if you prefer your future outlined in text form, here’s a Huffington Post article.

Two conferences for your diary

MaWSIG’s first Online Festival is on December 14 with webinars from Liz Soars, Nick Sheard (OUP) and Harper Collins’ UK Head of Events, Sam Missingham, as well as a Twitter Q & A session with editors Lyn Strutt and Karen White, and Facebook panel chats withThe Round, CUP and Voxy. Registration is free.

For anyone able to get to Barcelona, May 8 & 9 sees Innovate ELT, a joint event between ELTjam and Oxford TEFL. Focusing on innovation in ELT will be confirmed speakers Scott Thornbury, Nicky Hockly and Lindsay Clandfield and you can expect the conference format to be true to its innovative name.

Mobile games tips

Budding games makers get 8 tips on how to make successful mobile games from the creators of Clumsy Ninja. Any ELT games makers looking for £250,000 in funding could consider applying for next year’s Apprentice UK. Whether the money is compensation for working with Alan Sugar is a consideration. Applications by January 26.

And finally…

Eddie Izzard has just been declared Public Language Champion by Guardian readers. He performed his last tour in four different languages and ELTjam would like to start the campaign to have him to appear at IATEFL 2015.

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