Here’s what’s been on our reading list during the final week of November. How many shopping days left?….

How to Build a Better MOOC

Following Chris Cavey’s post this week on the British Council’s flagship MOOC, we’ve been reading about how there’s a 60-year old methodology for massive learning that’s still relevant.

The solution to a very modern problem?

Has friending work colleagues on Facebook got you into trouble? Facebook might have the answer – another place to embarrass yourself and waste time!

How to get professional reviews for your app

This site has lots of information for the budding and pro app maker. Getting magazine reviews when you launch an app is something every developer needs to bear in mind.

Board games: the ultimate in social gaming

This article on The Guardian does a great job in reminding us of the importance (and benefits) of straightforward playtime.

5 Time-Saving Ways Teachers Can Use Google Forms

It’s always good to hear of new ways that Google can be leveraged by educators in effective, value-adding ways.

And finally…

Accent does matter. Apparently, children under five in this study listened better to an English accent, even if they were Americans themselves. We’re sure this can’t be true but would love to see another study.

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