A wintry week of reading for ELTjam. Here’s what’s been keeping our brains warm.


We already knew teachers make the best EdTech entrepreneurs but this article puts it nicely:

…as most educators know, while tech entrepreneurs can sometimes hit gold, not every newly minted site or software is useful to teachers. That’s what sets educator entrepreneurs apart — they have relevant classroom experience that can’t be gained any other way than by doing the hard work of teaching.

And if you do have an idea …

…here’s a list of places to look for funding.

Future trends in education

Not all these trends predicted by The Open University are tech solutions, but it’s interesting to see flipped classrooms and data driven programmes featuring.

Is a font the solution to dyslexia?

A free, downloadable font by Dutch designer, Christian Boer, has built-in subtle changes to letters and spacing which make it harder to mix up letters while reading.

Children’s English

There are a lot of points of interest for the grammar enthusiast when watching how children make mistakes when learning to talk. Also, it’s a very cute article.

And finally …

Although Kim Kardashian’s been in the news for … aherm …other reasons this week, she’s also made $43 million on an app.  Maybe she’d sponsor a language learning app?

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