Another dual-sensory look at what we’ve been absorbing from the world of ELT, EdTech and tech, with the articles and podcasts that we’ve been learning from this week.

Second languages across the world

Where English is the second language and where it is not. Markets worth targeting with language-learning products or places that would be hard to get into?

Distrust of technology?

If you can overcome it long enough, these podcasts are worth a listen. Philip Kerr interviews Professor Neil Selwyn as part of a month-long online event by LTSIG and GISIG, hosted by Lyndsay Clandfield and Shaun Wilden. Two episodes are up so far.

Spain and Germany take on Google News

Spain has passed a copyright infringement law that means there is a fee attached to linking or posting excerpts of news articles. Non-payment of the fee, followed by refusal to take down the link, can incur a €600,000 fine with no need to go to court to get it. Germany did a similar thing and Google retaliated by removing the links, driving down traffic to the sites. There’s a business model for ELT in there somewhere …

Is life about to get more complicated for self-publishing authors?

Seems likely, if changes in VAT laws have anything to do with it.

SMS translation

Slated is an app that translates text messages as you type them – a kind of autocorrect into another language. It saves you copy-pasting from another translator, as it converts sentences as you type in real time. Apparently, it does a good enough job to make meaning clear even if syntax is dodgier.

Happy reading and listening!

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