Reading all the Dear Eltjam letters took a while – really we did actually get some, good ones too – but there’s always time to read interesting web fodder. Here’s a selection.

Is copyright wrong?

This New Yorker article might take two readings to absorb but it’s worth it. It turns out copyright was invented to help the spread of knowledge, not to protect authors. There’s a section about freelancers in particular if you’re tempted to skim.

20 time management hacks

Things must be different for 20 year olds nowadays if they need time management hacks. Daytime TV didn’t stop us handing in one essay a term. Useful advice here all the same.

Learning a language is just as much fun as…

…the most fun thing you can do. That should motivate students to learn new words.

Radiolab: Translation

A fascinating episode from one of the best podcasts out there. This one deals with language, meaning and how translations can often reveal deeper truths that challenge our views of the world around us.

Myths and misconceptions of our wearable future

The developments of wearable tech have been on ELTjam’s radar for a while (we even included it in our predictions for 2014). This is a great post on Techcrunch about the challenges, truths and ambitions involved in evolving the sector.

And finally…

ELtjam are divided over whether cronuts are an abomination or not, but the new Collins dictionary has made its mind up.


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