A busy week of interviewing at ELTjam Towers, but we managed to get some reading in between candidates. Here’s what we came across this week.

A weekend of ELT

This weekend offers the ultimate in EdTech choices. Either IATEFL’s first online conference or the physical event Language Live at London’s Olympia.

Bedtime stories on ipads

The American Academy of Pediatrics advises less than two hours per day of screen time for children. Research might be suggesting children who are read to from a device have a lower reading comprehension age than children whose parents read to them from books. Once children get to school age, only time is going to tell if tablets are a good investment in their education.

Eavesdrop in any language

Language learning might one day be unnecessary if this spy-style hearing aid gets off the drawing board. Not only will it eavesdrop across a crowded room, it will also translate for you. There’s no explanation of how they’re going to do this, though, so their two-year time frame could be a tad ambitious.

From download to purchase

Another set of figures to scare ourselves about app making. Conversion rates from downloads to in-app purchases average at 1–2%. Then again, games can manage 10% if they’re addictive enough. We’re hoping we’ve nailed that aspect in Flovoco.

And finally …

At ELTjam we’ve got a few languages between us: Spanish, French, Turkish and Mandarin. But nothing to rival this parrot’s achievement. Four years to learn Spanish.

Finally, finally …

Everyone could just all learn Dothraki instead of English.

Fonas chek!


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