Most of what we’ve been reading this week has been CV’s thanks to the amazing response to our ads for project leads and editors. In between those, we’ve stumbled across these:


It’s a week until IATEFL holds its first online conference on Oct 18–19. It’s in the afternoon, British time, and has speakers on topics relevant to all sorts of teachers, with two EdTech talks on adaptive learning and gamification. If you can’t catch it live, the videos will be online at a later date. So far they’ve got an impressive 1400 people registered, but there are still spaces available for this free event.

Gamification works at work

A interesting extrapolation from gamification in corporate training programs to whether it engages people in educational contexts concludes: “The fact that a majority of office-based employees would be more likely to perform a task that included game elements certainly provides eLearning professionals with strong evidence for pursuing gamification as a solution for disengagement.”

Current and future classroom tech trends

We’re not sure we know of any schools using 3D printing in class which, according to this infographic, is a current trend, but we’d love to see an ELT lesson plan for it. Any volunteers?

A new kind of school

A school for learning through games, not tests, has been proposed to the UK’s Department of Education by Ian Livingstone of Tomb Raider and Warhammer fame. If the application goes through, it could open in West London in 2016. Unfortunately it’s only for kids.

Happy reading.

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