We’ve been a bit too busy for much reading lately but some good stuff has dragged us back. Here’s what has caught our eye in the last week or so.

The myth of venture capital and making money from apps

Just in time for ELTjam starting the Cambridge Accelerator program we see this about the myth of getting venture capital funding! And then we find out no-one makes any money from apps just as we…test demo models of our app.

Netflix for books

We’ve talked about whether the Spotify model would work for ELT course books before and now Amazon have launched “Netflix for books” in the UK. Is ELT next?

Who do you know in ELT?

Along with about 400+ people so far, we’re all wondering what this survey is about. Nicola Prentis and Russ Mayne promise to reveal all in April.

The evolution of tech in higher ed

“The future is more than a replica of today’s classroom,” says the outgoing CEO of Educause as she reflects on technology in higher education. Much to apply to Edtech and ELT here.

Can social media help your students?

Can Facebook help your students learn? It certainly gives them something to do other than study if our Facebook habits are anything to go by…

Gamification: Magic Bullet or Broken Sword?

It’s a topic we haven’t looked at for a while on the blog but it’s one that is always worth keeping an eye on as the thinking around it continues to evolve. Here’s a great slideshow by Graham Stanley that he used for June’s IATEFL YLSIG / TESOL CAL IS web conference.

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