It’s been a quiet week over at ELTjam towers, what with people on holiday or travelling the world on business. But even when we’ve not been doing much writing, we’ve always been doing lots of reading. Here’s a rundown of what’s caught our attention this week.

Gamification: Don’t say it, don’t do it, just stop

An interesting and critical look at where gamification in education has got to today.

Should language learning be fun?

ELTjam’s very own Jo Sayers moonlighting for his own excellent blog ELT + Technology. An interesting piece based on a recent event in London on the topic of whether drugs are the answer to learning languages.

Learning from Genius: Seven lessons that language students can learn from the greats

If you’ve not been reading JJ Wilson’s insightful, entertaining posts on the Reallyenglish blog, then you’ve been missing out. Here JJ ponders what language students could learn from Toni Morrison, Chomsky, Darwin, Einstein and other geniuses.

Content Creator vs Writer

The role of the author in ELT publishing continues to be a topic of fierce debate in various corners of the web. Here, Nicola Prentis asks if there’s a difference between being a writer and being a ‘content creator’. From the excellent Simple English blog.

Happy reading.

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