Learn languages on your Android Wear smartwatch with Duolingo

– canadianreviewer.com
Duolingo has updated its app to make it compatible with the Android smartwatch so you can continue learning right from your wrist.
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A thirty-year history of the future

– TED Talks
MIT’s Nicholas Negraponte takes a look back at the tech innovations he foresaw over the last 30 years, and comes up with some fascinating predictions for the future. Includes some interesting similarities with Sugata Mitra’s work with computers and school-less regions. Also, check out his final prediction about learning English through ingesting information.

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What’s in a name? 15 criteria for naming a brand or product

– socialmediatoday.com
Some of the comments on the Flovoco post have got us thinking …

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Wearable tech uses shock therapy to exorcise bad habits

– springwise.com
“Pavlok is a smart wristband that tracks owners’ behavior and delivers an electric shock when they fail to commit to their goals.” Applications for demotivated language learners perhaps …

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Typical writer ‘earns £11,000 a year’, research reveals

– bbc.co.uk
We wonder how the big names in ELT materials writing stack up on this scale.

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And last, but not least:

World Cup Team Talk

This is total genius. The corpus team at CUP have analysed the language used in commentary to describe every team that’s taken part in the Brazil World Cup, and given us the top 3 words associated with each team. Brazil, it turns out were emotional, popular and desperate. England were exciting, inexperienced and disappointing. So, in the final we have Germany (powerful, focussed, committed) vs Argentina (confident, flair, unconvincing).


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