Image by Flickr user striatic. Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0).

Image by Flickr user striatic. Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0).

So many things to read, so little time! Here’s what caught our attention this week.

The End

Gasps could be heard across the world last Sunday when Scott Thornbury announced that he was ending his wonderful A-Z of ELT blog. His final post is a collection of 30 quotes that capture the essence of what the A-Z was all about. Keep your eyes peeled for a new blog from Scott in the autumn, tentatively called The (De-)Fossilization Diaries.

What Developers And Teachers Can Learn From Each Other

Tech entrepreneurs get the chance to see what actually goes on inside the classroom, in New York at least.

The Image Conference, a summary

I spent all of last Saturday in a meeting (a useful one, mind). A few lucky others got to attend the Image Conference in Barcelona, curated by Kieran Donaghy of Film English fame — “the first conference exclusively on the use of film video, image and gaming in language teaching”. The Cosas que encuentro para clase blog offered this nice write-up.

What is skeuomorphism?

Skeumorphism was the word on everyone’s lips following Apple’s WWDC on Monday. I must admit that I had to look it up. Here‘s a primer from the BBC.

Enjoy the weekend.

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