Skype to become a real-time interpreter?
So we won’t even need to bother learning foreign languages soon? Fantastic! Well, it seems this is real, and the Beta is launching later this year – can’t wait to try it out! Here’s a short video of the Microsoft CEO talking about and them someone demoing it. It’s straight outta sci-fi, but apparently it’s actually real:


Cambridge Start Up Weekend – outside the ELT bubble
Nicola Prentis on her experience at the recent Cambridge Startup Weekend, and the very noticeable lack of ELT presence.


Philip Kerr tears apart ‘left brain/right brain’ on Russ Mayne’s blog
Yet another ELT neuro-myth taken down.


Knewton Partners With Norwegian Publisher Gyldendal
Yet another publisher signed up to partner with Knewton – this time it’s Norways oldest and biggest educational publisher.


The Ripple Effects of Rising Student Debt (from the New York Times)
The effect of student debt on graduates and the damage it cause to the economy in general.


A Third of Your Job Seekers Wonder Why They Even Went to College (from
the younger the job seeker, the more likely they are to want to work at a startup” – this view is becoming ever more common, especially as a university degree becomes more about simply gaining skills for employment.


China: English language testing to be removed from Gaokao (from
English to be replaced by Chinese language and maths – “Critics of the plan are concerned that the reform signals a de-prioritisation of English teaching partly fuelled by nationalist rhetoric from government sources.”

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