The Barriers to Using Social Media in Education (Part 1 of 2) –

The impact of social media on education, why educators seem to be resisting it and a few real life examples of how its being harnessed to make a better learning environment.

Are MOOCs Just Moneymaking Scams? Providers Challenged To Substantiate Grandiose Claims –

The Campaign for the Future of Higher Education questioned leaders of edX, Udacity and Coursera on the quality their products.

The truth about conference: There’s one room that matters and most of us aren’t in it –

Former Daily Mail Chief Tech Blogger and Founder of The XX Corporation Mic Wright on tech startups.

Hack Education Weekly News: MOOC Magic! MOOC Disruption! –

Audrey Watters’ weekly roundup of education news.

I Need Real People to Help me Learn a Language –

Guardian journalist Alan Haburchak talks about his experience of learning Spanish with just a smartphone.

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