Why Startups Should Steal Ideas and Hire Weirdos – wired.com

How promoting variety in our social networks enhances the quality of critical ‘idea flow’.

Think Pedagogy First, Technology Second – teachthought.com

Great article and infographic that gets back to the fundamentals: learning. By asking the right set of questions an educator can quickly assess what the role of tech should be (if needed at all).

8 Ways to Unlock Your Creativity – FastCompany.com

Terrific guidance from photographer Nick Onken on how to start coaxing out your inner creativity. When only 25% of people think they are fulfilling their creative potential Nick’s suggestions to live in the moment, to observe what works and to deliberately move beyond your comfort zone should provide ample encouragement.

The Comments on Scott Thornbury’s Recent Blog Post – eltjam.com

Following Scott’s post on the commodification of ELT content there have been some insightful and thought-provoking responses from a number of readers. Well worth a read.

Feature image from Photo from State Library of Victoria


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