Photo from State Library of Victoria

Photo from State Library of Victoria

Online Learning: The Pros And Cons Of K-12 Computer Courses –

The exponential  growth of online learning raises the question do students get as much out of online learning as they do from face-to-face lessons with a teacher?

How To Get Your App Funded Using Crowdfunding –

eltjam attended an excellent #LEGup London event earlier this week on this topic and we’ve been buzzing with crowdfunding ideas since.

Indiegogo Raises $40M in Largest Venture Investment Yet for Crowdfunding Startup – The Wall Street Journal

And the company is aiming to take crowdfunding mobile to make sponsoring a project easier and more immediate.

The Myth of Learning Styles –

Includes a great infographic for debunking the long-held belief that tailoring lesson content for a learner’s preferred learning style makes a difference.

Could technology cut rising cost, need for college textbooks? –

Apple’s iBook is a compelling alternative given the sharp increase in course book prices.


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