Photo from State Library of Victoria

Photo from State Library of Victoria

Here’s the lowdown on what eltjam has been casting its peepers over this week.

Myths about how the brain works have no place in the classroom – The Guardian

A fascinating article revealing many of the long-held beliefs about left vs/ right brained thinkers and learner styles to be nothing more than ‘neuromyths’.

5 Disruptive Education Trends That Address American Inequality –

A great run down of some powerful EdTech trends that are capable of effecting some wide-reaching changes in the US socio-economic landscape.

How do you make money when everything is going free?  – Nicholas Lovell

The author of The Curve talks about the power and importance of harnessing ‘superfans’ in an age of a digital FREE-for-all.

Freemium Is the Most Profitable Pricing Strategy for Apps –

And this insightful article gives you a graph to prove it.

Can Pearson Solve the Rubric’s Cube? – eLiterate Blog

A detailed and indispensable look at how Pearson’s new efficacy strategy is something to be taken seriously.



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