The nights are drawing in here in little old Blighty, so it’s time to curl up with a few of eltjam’s choice cuts.

Video Games Make Your Brain Bigger, Study Says

Scientific research is indicating that video game play can increase the gamer’s amount of grey matter. Game on.

video games = good for brains

Teaching Empathy Through Digital Game Play

New game  Quandary was developed as an innovative approach to give learners a new perspective on ethics through introducing them to a variety of in-game character viewpoints. According to Scot Osterweil, the game’s Creative Director:

We see games as an organized space for playful exploration and through the process people encounter and form new ideas and concepts, they begin to construct knowledge.

High Tech’s Secret Weapon: The Whiteboard

Behind most of the ultra-trendy Silicone Valley tech companies is the simplest, most effective technology of them all; a place to write your ideas onto.

Unlike a computer or phone, the whiteboard is always on, always fully charged, and it doesn’t require that people download, install, and launch software to begin using it.


Tony Robbins: Why we do what we do

Terrific TED Talk by Tony Robbins in which he breaks down the distinction between resources and resourcefulness.

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