Friday again. Before we all knock off for the weekend, here’s some light reading.

Is it really possible to learn a foreign language using educational web-services and mobile apps?

I’m a huge fan of Quora, the question-and-answer website run by its community of members. What sets it apart from sites like is the overall quality of the answers, and the expertise of the people who get involved. One great example was when someone asked: How did Ashton Kutcher prepare for his role as Steve Jobs in the new movie Jobs? Ashton Kutcher himself provided a lengthy answer. Brilliant. Anyway, this thread might well be worth following: language learners discuss their experience of learning a language online and whether it’s really feasible.

Most Students Want to Access Textbooks on Tablets

A new report from Nielsen has apparently found that 71% of students who use tablets are interested in accessing textbooks on them. What I found most interesting about this article, though, is that it had been shared 1,800 times. Signs of a hot topic … ?

Textbooks ‘readily pirated’, claims survey

Interesting reading in light of the above and bad news for royalty-receiving authors. “A study by online security company NetNames has found that 76% of the 50 most popular textbooks were available to download for free on a pirate e-book site.” Probably not that surprising but significant nonetheless.

New edtech partnerships for Pearson

Pearson’s ongoing transformation into a digital solutions provider shows no sign of slowing, with news this week that they have “partnered with three Boston-based organisations working in education technology: “entrepreneurship campus” Exponential TechSpace, educational programme provider LearnLaunch and edtech accelerator LearnLaunchX”. We’ll no doubt be seeing more news like this in the future.

Have a good weekend, all.

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