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Here’s a round-up of some of the interesting snippets we’ve stumbled across in the first week of June:

Here comes the digital economy – we’re all doomed!
Suzanne Moore argues that the digital economy means the end of the middle class, as we move from a world where Kodak provides 140,000 decent jobs to one where Instagram provides 13. This is a world where our education and healthcare are handed over to the “tech nerds”. Deliberately provocative, I guess, but the idea that digital tech means the end of paid work seems dubious.

Amazon moves into indie games

Be ready for a mobile future
Just in case you had any doubts about what the future of computing is, this series of slides makes it totally clear what the trends are. Basically, mobile is the future and its growth is still explosive. Apple and Samsung are dominating. Soon, everyone will have a smartphone and a tablet. Not much analysis in the article about what this actually means for education, but we’ll be saying more about that soon.

How do y’all talk?
Nothing to do with EdTech, but fascinating for English language geeks like us. A whole series of maps of the US showing the result of recent research into dialect variations across the country, covering both vocabulary and pronunciation.

The myth of learning styles
Here’s more on the myth of “learning styles” – a myth that still has a lot of currency in ELT, of course!

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