So, what’s new this week? Well, obviously the most exciting thing is the fact that, according to the tech blogs, Apple are going to announce the new iPad on 22nd October. Hopefully, this is when we finally get the iPad Mini with retina display – the ultimate tablet.

… and back to ELT…

I thought this was quite interesting – a sweep of 37 people (teachers, learners, authors, bloggers and EdTech people) answering this question:

If there was one method for learning vocabulary that you’d recommend to the world, which one would it be?

Plenty of common themes – the need for context, spaced repetition, connecting to the real world around you, lots of listening and reading. It’s on a blog run by a guy called Noel van Vliet, who I really hope has some connection to Don van Vliet, aka Captain Beefheart. Although I suspect not!

ELT Sandbox

A new blog worth keeping an eye on, from David Dodgson – in its own words,  “ELT Sandbox is a website devoted to the use of computer games and gaming in general as a stimulus for learning in the language classroom.” Obviously, game-based learning is one of our pet themes at eltjam, so we anticipate great things, David!

The godfather of Apple design spots four looming tech trends

And, no, it’s not Jony Ive, but Helmut Esslinger, who worked with Apple in an earlier era. Here he is doing a bit of tech predicting for Wired Magazine. According to Esslinger, “the future is accelerating. We know that…. But look back 40 to 50 years, and make a model of what happened from then until today. That’s what compresses into the next 10 years. Then you know what to expect.”  So, are YOU ready for flexible hardware and 3D interfaces within the next few years?

Royalties – we are not amused

And finally, Nicola Prentis shares her thoughts on author royalties, in response to receiving her first royalties statement as an ELT author. Interesting, in that we get the see the real details in terms of percentages etc, and some thoughts on the old royalties vs fees question. And on the question of whether self-publishing might be a better option: “Right now, the publishers are my best platform and a massive source of learning from editors and commissioning editors. So, just as they hope to cut me out of the deal by phasing out royalties, one day, I might be doing the same to them.”


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