The Web just won’t stop churning out interesting stuff, will it? Here’s some of what caught our eye this week.

Rosetta Stone Launches Kids Division, Introduces Blended Reading & Language Product for Children 3-6

Big news from one of language-learning’s big players this week, as Rosetta Stone launched an app for kids, the company’s first. According to the Wall Street Journal’s Marketwatch, the app, called Lingo Letter Sounds

harnesses the company’s pioneering language immersion methodology and proprietary speech recognition technology to deliver core English reading skills alongside a fun and interactive introduction to Spanish. Unique to the children’s consumer education market, the blended solution provides an educational resource for parents eager to introduce their children to both basic literacy skills and a foreign language at an early age.

Layoffs arrive at ed tech giant, Blackboard

In grimmer news, Blackboard recently announced unspecified number of job losses. Writing for the Boston Business Journal, Bill Flook states that CEO Jay Bhatt,

in an interview Tuesday evening, confirmed the job cuts, which he described as “a very small action we took to take some costs out of the business, primarily on things that don’t allow us to get where we need to go.” He declined to specify the number of layoffs.

The NSA Spies Who Couldn’t Resist Snooping on their Loved Ones

And in (somewhat) lighter news, we loved this detail in an article shared by eltjam guest contributor Mike Boyle from The Atlantic Wire. The article deals with “twelve known instances of NSA employees peering in on their loved ones, and other “intentional” abuses of the agency’s surveillance”:

A military member repeatedly queried foreign telephone numbers, apparently in order to learn foreign languages. The abuse was discovered in an audit and he was barred from accessing classified information.

An interesting take on fully immersive, online language learning …

Have a good weekend.

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