As September hurtles ceaselessly on it’s always good to take a moment to read up some interesting edu-stuff. Here’s what the eltjam lot have been reading this week:

The 4 ThingsModern Students Must Understand –

With the sheer quantity of learning resources available to students, there needs to be more consideration for the quality of those same resources. This article (and embedded video) discusses the key skills learners will need in order to curate and deal with the volume of learning material available to them.

How can we help learners produce natural talk in everyday, casual conversation? – #eltchat transcript

These terrific transcripts from the regular #eltchat discussions are a great way of getting a sense of what the ELT twitterati think of various edu-topics.

Consumer Demand for Digital Learning Games, Simulations Growing Worldwide –

For anyone who was in doubt of the growing demand for such learning tech, this article puts some fairly solid stats forward.

But by 2017, the market will shift. The biggest buyers will be China, the United States, India, Indonesia, and Brazil, the report predicts.

Rapid feedback: Using Tech to Keep Learners Updated – Pearson

Fantastic article on the use a ‘rapid feedback’ approach augmented by the use of tech. Great examples and it’s even backed up with the neurosciency stuff.



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