… and once again we find ourselves knee deep in a Friday. In order to mark the occasion, here’s a brief list of what’s been gracing the iDevices of the eltjam team:

Top 11 Disruptive E-Learning Technologies for 2013

A great summary of the prominent topics and developments in e-learning. Interesting references to 3D printing and wearable tech. Being disruptive has never been more appealing.

Think Like A Startup – The Talent Code

Following on from out post on startup behaviour earlier this week, here’s another fascinating article promoting the benefits of thinking like an agile, new business based (amazingly enough) on the efforts of a self-taught dancer.

[The dancer] is exactly where a good startup wants to be: utterly lost in the challenge, in control, and loving it.

Move Over iPad, Here Comes Google Play For Education – MindShift.com

Google is on the verge of challenging Apple’s growing classroom adoption record by launching Google Play for Education: a suite of apps and tools for educators and learners.

[I]nstead of worrying about multiple iTunes accounts and credit cards, teachers using Google can draw from a pre-loaded account to purchase apps, then push out apps, YouTube videos, or e-books to students through Google Groups. The content will appear on students’ tablets in seconds.

The (De-)Fossilization Diaries – Scott Thornbury

Scott’s newly launched blog site pledges to dispel some long-standing myths to do with language learning. Well worth getting on subscription list for that one.


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