Getting Things Done by David Allen

Tips and strategies for working smarter and for achieving a stress-free, streamlined decision making-process.

Inkling Raise $16Mill Investment AND Makes Deals with Pearson & Elvesier

The mobile startup  has raised $16 million in financing, in a round led by Sequoia Capital. This brings Inkling’s total capital to around $48 million. Pearson and Elsevier will begin using Inkling’s cloud-based digital publishing tools as the “primary environment for creating next-generation digital learning products.” Game. Changer.

Counting the change – The Economist

The once disruptive online media providers are demonstrating that there’s serious value to be added if we can all just get on.

The internet is at last contributing to media-industry bottom lines.

Classroom Redesign Challenge: Think like a designer – MindShift

A great demonstration of how approaching a learning context with a design mindset can make all the difference.

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