Friday? Again? Must be time for another round-up of what’s been happening this week in publishing and EdTech land.

Breaking Bad and eBook Publishing: Walter White’s Top 7 Business Tips

If, like me, you’re very excited about the imminent return of Breaking Bad, then you’ll love this: what ebook publishers could learn from Walter White’s business tactics. Brilliant.

Publishing Moving to a Cloud-Centric World

‘The time seems right for cloud technologies to take over more applications essential to publishers and to move them to a “software as a service” (SaaS) based model”‘. More here.

How can digital publishers and potential advertisers work together?

‘Mobile advertising has the potential to become extremely influential, but this is contingent upon publishers and advertisers working in unison, and attempting to build a new paradigm around new form factors and inputs instead of recreating flawed existing ones on different devices.’ More good stuff from the Yudu crew.

Why Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post

Great analysis from the New Yorker on this week’s biggest publishing news story. ‘… the fairest way to look at the deal is to see it as something done by a man who is attempting to completely change the way people and corporations distribute, purchase, and consume practically everything—and who wants to send humans into space en masse.’ Wait, what?

Enjoy the weekend.

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