The concept of Learner Experience Design (LXD) is at the heart of the work we do with our clients, both in ELT and beyond. As we explained in our post, We need to talk about LX, we believe LXD is about making the best possible use of content, UX, interaction and pedagogy when designing and developing learning products – and doing so should result in more enjoyable and effective learner experiences.

We’ve continued to add to this approach in the work we do, through publications such as our chapter on LXD in Routledge’s Digital Language Learning and Teaching, and through events such as the LXD Meetups (which we run in collaboration with Zahra Davidson) and at our inaugural InnovateEdTech conference which took place last year. At that event, we took the opportunity to ask some of the delegates and speakers what Learner Experience Design means to them. It was great to hear such a wide variety of responses, but also the growing recognition of LXD as a concept and something that really is needed. We think that a greater focus on LXD is vital in ELT and in the design of learning products and services more widely, and we want to see it continue to develop with input from from anyone willing and able to contribute.

We’d love to hear what your take on LXD is. Let us know in the comments below!


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